Trump threats emergency if border funding not approved

US President Donald Trump has issued a threat to declare a national state of emergency if his administration is unable to reach a viable deal with Democrats for funding of his election promise to build a border wall with Mexico. The issue was at the centre of contention of the partial shutdown of the US government.

President Trump visited the Texas border with Mexico to try to give a new push to his case that construction of the border wall is highly essential for the national security of US. The issue can be solved only after many billions of dollars will be approved by the Congress for the construction of the wall.

The visit of the President to the border town had come after 20 days of the shutdown which has left nearly 800,000 Americans out of job or they have to work without salary. President Trump had earlier warned of the governmental shutdown and had stated he will not mind one but will not compromise on the issue. President Trump has been reportedly considering to declare a national emergency and then build the wall with the Defence Department budget. President signalled that it will be highly likely that the emergency is declared if now the possible deal is worked with Democrats.

A clear compromise is not in near sight as President is adamant on his demand for funding to build the border wall. President has demanded $5.7 bn for the same. Any kind of emergency if declared by the President, will be challenged in the courts. Democrats have also stood firm on their stance stating that a border wall is completely immoral and also ineffective. They have refused to clear the funding for the same but have agreed to allocate money for security measures along the border. Latter will not include building the border wall. Trump also stated that he will cancel his visit to the World Economic Forum to be held at Davos from January 21-25.

President Trump has said that building the wall was his primary election promise during his Presidential campaign. US government has been partially shut down since December 22, apart from Defence Department and health-care programmes as the Congress was not able to meet the deadline on funding.

President Trump has maintained that many illegal immigrants are constantly crossing the border despite the statistical figures which suggest that irregular immigration is at the lowest level since the last 20 years. Statistics also have shown that all drugs are now being smuggled via the official entry ports. Democrats have repeatedly accused the President of spreading misinformation about the situation on the border to complete his election promise as he prepares to seek re-election in 2020.

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