Ukraine condemns further militarization of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia

Ukraine has strongly condemned further militarization of the Crimean Peninsula. The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has slammed the Russian plan to deploy S-400 surface-to-air missiles on the Crimean peninsula as tensions with Kiev escalate.

Vadim Astafiyev, the spokesperson for the southern military district of Russia has stated that S-400 systems will be soon deployed to Crimean Peninsula and will be operational by end of the year. Ukraine has stated that the deployment is dangerous for the entire Black Sea region. The political director of Ukraine’s foreign ministry, Olexiy Makeyev said, “The system’s operational range is up to 400 kms so it places all the literal states in the Black Sea region, including the NATO members under the threat of an attack. We know that those missiles can be used for ground targets.” He also added that Moscow has been militarizing the peninsula with advanced weapon systems which also include the nuclear capable missiles.

The tensions between the two nations nose-dived after Russia had blocked and captured three Ukranian military vessels near the Kerch Strait in Azov Sea. The incident which also involved arrest of 24 crew members sparked outrage and international outcry. President Trump also condemned the aggression. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that US should not instigate Kiev into making provocative moves and instead try to play role of a mediator between Ukraine and the rebels who control parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Lavrov said that Ukraine had ignored the maritime law for domestic political gains.

The allegations were completed negated by the Makeyev who said, “Nobody in Ukraine is interested in warmongering. We are a peaceful nation. But we defend our soil from the Russian aggression. We count on support of our American partners and we enjoy a full support also  by the European Union”.



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