US shuts Mexican border temporarily: Fires tear gas on migrants

Major San Ysidro port of entry to the US state of California from Mexico, San Diego and also Tijuana had been briefly closed all the vehicular and pedestrian movement by the US Customs and Border Protection agency. This was announced by the agency as many hundreds of people seeking asylum in US walked towards the border to put pressure on the US government to allow them entry in the country.

Media also reported that the asymlum seekers including children were fired upon with tear gas by the US authorities as they came close to the Chaparral crossing.

US Customs and Border agency said, “ To prepare for the possibility that additional groups would also break off from the demonstrations for a possible attempt or attempts to rush illegally through the port of entry, CBP suspended operations at the port of entry”.

The port was thus closed for 6 hours. It is said many thousands of migrants have arrived in the border city of Mexico as what is popular as the Central American exodus as people are running away from their homes and businesses to flee violence and poverty topped by political victimisation

Trump administration has come out strongly against the asylum seekers and has deployed huge military presence along the border and given them extended powers including use of lethal force if need arises. The administration has also passed new and stringent asylum rules which have been however stalled by the federal court.





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