Fake News: Taiwan’s elections at stake

Ahead of elections in Taiwan, China is spreading Fake News to turn the voter sentiment against President Tsai Ing-wen’s party and skew it in favour of candidates who are most accommodative of Beijing.

Officials in Taiwan have reported that China is employing various techniques from its cyber-capacities based in nations like US and Australia to jeopardise the elections as it has a huge stake in politics of the nation. Joseph Wu, the Foreign Minister of Taiwan has stated that China has always been indulging in propaganda warfare against Taiwan but the current menace is on a completely different scale. Wu said, “Its coming in not from newspapers or their propaganda machine but through our social media, online chat groups, Facebook, the zombie accounts set up, somewhere, by the Chinese government”.

The recent accusations are in line with the growing menace of election meddling by nations like Russia and China who have stakes in geopolitics in the regions elsewhere and try to change the whole wave for vested interests. China has outrightly rejected all such news and claims.

Taiwan is heading for the country’s largest elections where nearly 83 percent of its population will cast their votes in the mid-term elections.

The fake news is particularly targeted to destabilise Taiwan’s autonomy from the mainland while bringing up historic woes to swing the tide in favour of pro-China Kuomintang. Many countries have also acknowledged the fact that nations like China and Russia have been spreading misinformation to turn the results of electoral processes in their favour.



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