Maldives: President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih takes oath

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has taken the oath of office as President of Maldives in front of the nation. The oath ceremony was attended by many hundreds of foreign dignitaries and thousands of people. Solih has pledged to put an end to corruption and also investigate into the infamous human rights abuses by Abdulla Yameen.

The ceremony was conducted at the National Football Stadium at Male, the capital city. The oath was followed by a 21-gun salute to the seventh President of Indian Ocean island nation. Solih addressed nearly 12000 people who had come to attend the ceremony. He iterated his commitment to establish just and equal society. Solih said, “ we need to focus on moving ahead, to take back the rights we have been denied, and save our nation from its dismal condition”.

Solih will constitute a 19-member cabinet and also pick an Attorney-General soon. Yameen had been known for his unjust crackdown on the members of the Opposition and sending them all on exile or in jail. He had gone to the extent of detaining judges of the Supreme Court, banned all forms of protest and also kept Parliamentary sessions under suspension for extended periods. Most of the politicians who had been jailed by Yameen were released after the victory of Solih in September 2018.

Solih further said, “We need to help seek justice for those subject to abuse and unfair treatment. The treasury needs to be strengthened. Unaccountable deaths and disappearances need to be investigated and findings disclosed. For us to move ahead as one nation, such grave matters need to be addressed immediately”.

Maldivians expressed hope and joy over the speech. Many celebrated on social media. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also present at the ceremony. This was the first visit by Modi as the previous President had preferred China over India and relations had been quite tense between the two nations.



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