Saudi Arabia agrees to evacuate Houthis, prospects for talks rise

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has confirmed to UK’s Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt that they are ready to evacuate the 50 wounded Houthis. The gesture has raised hopes worldwide of the prospects of talks between the waring sides to end the horrific war which had pushed the population of Yemen to face untold hunger and disease.

The move is seen as a big confidence -building measure although it will be based on conditions about who will travel with the fighters. The condition was put by Houthis even for the peace talks which had broken in September as the delegation from the armed group did not show up.

Hunt stated, “If this unblocks that, then that makes the prospect of those peace talks happening more real and that will be very important. It’s about confidence-building measures on both sides, but certainly the people I’ve spoken to today, there is a real willingness to engage in those”.

Despite the temporary lull on Monday, the Saudi-led coalition resumed air-strikes on Hodeidah. Western nations have been concerned about the falling humanitarian situation in the area.


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