Rohingya in deep shock as the return date draws close

Rohingya have faced severe brutalities in the hands of Myanmar police before they fled to other countries along with their families in an effort to save their lives. Of the ones which continue to stay in Myanmar, life has been sad and dull but thankfully out of reach of Myanmar army due to UN accusations of army waging a genocidal campaign of murder, rape and arson against the group.

Rohingya who had been living as refugees were told they will be repatriated to Myanmar to a region where the genocidal campaigns still continues. This has led to a sweeping fear among the settlers. A list of 2200 people will be repatriated after a deal was struck between Bangladesh and Myanmar. Atleast 5000 people were to return.

Nearly, 730,000 Rohingyas had fled to Bangladesh last year as the Myanmar army and Buddhist mobs started attacking the Rohingya villages in name of counter-terrorism operations. The officials in Bangladesh have said that the return will be voluntary.

The UN Refugee Agency has stated that it was not told or consulted about the above situation and thus will not facilitate any returns in the month. UN Agency will interview the people who are on the list to find out their willingness to return. The whole developments have led to a wave of terror among the Rohingya who are already facing a deep psychological trauma. Atleast 70 families have already gone under hiding.







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