Polish Independence Day: Officials march alongside nationalists

Poland is celebrating the centenary of its independence. Nearly 200,000 Poles participated in the march organised by representatives of the Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki and President Andrzej Duda.

This is the first time the officials of the Polish government took part in the march. The ‘Independence March’ was hitherto marked by racist, homophobic etc. sentiments directed against immigrants and upholding the dominance of whites.

The March has been organized every year since 2010. The main organizers of the same have been the National Movement, All-Polish Youth and also the National Radical Camp. Various chants which were heard in the previous marches were, “The whole Poland sings with us :F*** off with the refugees”, “Not red” etc.

However, the march this year was largely peaceful. Contrastingly, the marchers were singing patriotic songs and were carrying the national flag. Some people were also carrying the flags with Celtic Cross and chanting anti-refugee slogans as well.

President Duda who inaugurated the march stated, “ Let us pay tribute to those who fought for Poland… Let this be a march where everyone feels well”.

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