California wildfires: Paradise in flames

A rushing wildfire has destroyed a northern town of California, north of Sacramento and forced the residents out to the roads. Roads soon turned to tunnels of fire, as it engulfed both the sides and turned the daylight sky, dark and smoky.

Police had hard time saving people and their own families from the ravaging wildfires which engulfed the whole town of Paradise. Paradise witnessed some horrific accounts of escape and brave accounts of rescue. The entire community 27000 strong was ordered to be evacuated with immediate effect. People reported the who area-homes, supermarkets, restaurants, businesses, schools and retirement homes going up in flames in minutes.

9 people have been confirmed dead by the authorities lying in their vehicles which were gutted by fire. Nearly 2000 structures have been destroyed in the town of Paradise just 290 kilometres lying northeast of San Francisco. Many other communities in Ventura County still stand threatened by the raging wildfires. National Weather Service has given red-flag warnings of impending danger of fire in many areas of the state.

Police have described the whole scene as a highly dangerous situation. They are making every effort to evacuate people and take them to various evacuation centres set up in nearby areas. People fled their homes and abandoned their cars to run for their lives as the flames approached and gutted the roadsides, exploding things on the way and toppling the utility poles.

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