Moscow: Afghanistan peace conference kicks in

Moscow is conducting peace talks to bring an end to war in Afghanistan. The peace conference will be attended by various delegates from the Taliban, the government in Kabul and many other nations including US. Russian Foreign Minister opened the conference stating that presence of representatives from both the Taliban and the Afghan government was a big step to hold conclusive talks.

“I am counting on you holding a serious and constructive conversation that will justify the hopes of the Afghan people”, Sergei Lavrov stated before the talks started behind closed doors.

Russia hopes to create lasting peace in Afghanistan and thus write history said the foreign minister. He also underlined the threat which was duly posed by the ISIL in Afghanistan. Lavrov said, ISIL has trusted foreign sponsors in order to make Afghanistan a springboard for its expansion in Central Asia. Pakistan has also affirmed its presence in the conference as it has been repeatedly accused of giving support to the Taliban in Afghanistan. India will also send its delegation to the conference on a non-official manner.

The conference is thus a significant step by the Moscow government to bring both the Taliban and Kabul government on a table for holding meaningful discussions favourable to the population and progress of Afghanistan. US Embassy in Moscow has also sent its diplomat to observe the discussions.

Peace Council members appointed by the government of Afghanistan are attending the conference instead of envoys.


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