Australia: Melbourne stabbing attack identified as a ‘terrorism incident’

The unfortunate knife attack in Melbourne is finally labelled as a terrorism incident by the police where a man stabbed three people and later was shot by the police. The incident took place during rush hour in Australia.

Chief Commissioner of Police in Victoria, Graham Ashton later stated the attacker died in the hospital. One victim was also confirmed dead while the other two are badly injured.

Aston told the press, “We don’t believe there is an ongoing threat at this stage, but certainly we are treating it as a terrorism incident”. Ashton did not identify the attacker but instead told that he was a Somali with family linkages properly known to the police.

Police had also placed a pocket city on lockdown after the attacker had driven a car full of gas cylinders which had caught fire in the centre of the city around 4:20pm.  The area was cordoned off and the people have been told to avoid the area although they clarified that they are not looking for anyone at the moment.

Police at this time does not believe that the incident is a part of a bigger impending attack but will remain cautious.




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