Yemen: 58 combatants killed in fighting for Hodeidah

As the fighting for Hodeidah grows intense, many dozens of combatants were killed by the pro-government sources in the port city. Doctors taking care of them in the hospitals have stated that nearly 47 rebels have been killed in both the ground fighting and air raids conducted by Saudi-led Arab coalition forces.

11 soldiers have also been killed in the fighting as per the medics in hospitals under government-held areas. Nearly half of the population of Hodeidah i.e. about 14 million people are on the verge of famine. Aid agencies have already issued multiple warnings that any continuance of fighting in the region can result in a severe humanitarian situation.

Amnesty International, has separately warned the world, about Houthi rebels taking positions on the rooftop of a hospital in Hodeidah. It has said, that it fears the rebels who have been accused of ties with Iran can use patients as human shields against the air raids. Houthi presence on the rooftop of a hospital is gross violation of International Humanitarian Law. The presence, will however, not make the hospital or the patients targets of any lawful attacks by the coalition.

Yemen has been reduced to a worst humanitarian crisis by over 10000 people dead since 2015 ever since the Saudi-led Arab coalition forces intervened in the conflict. The death toll is definitely higher as it has not been updated. As per another watchdog namely the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project, 56000 Yemenis have been killed in violence ever since.

UNICEF had issued a warning earlier this week stating that the latest fighting in Hodeidah has put the lives of 59 children at risk including 25 who are currently in ICU.

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