Trump asks Jeff Sessions to resign

President Trump has finally asked the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign within 24 hours of the loss of Republicans in the House of Representatives during the US mid-term elections. Jeff Sessions had earlier given his resignation to the President in the day in a letter which has been widely circulated in US media.

President Trump in his signature style took to Twitter to thank Sessions for his service and also wished him for a better future. Trump also declared that Matthew G Whitaker will be the acting Attorney General unless a replacement is announced. Whitaker is the Chief of Staff of Sessions.

Sessions had mentioned in his letter that he was honoured  to work for the implementing the law enforcement agenda which was the central part of the President Trump’s campaign for the Presidential elections. Sessions had played a key role in implementation of the anti-immigration agenda of the President.

Sessions had warned the sanctuary cities which do not completely comply with the federal authorities of immigration. He also started the “zero tolerance” policy for those who were found crossing the US border without any documentation.

Trump had gone critical about Sessions over the latter’s decision to save himself from the Russian meddling probe. Mueller’s probe into the latter had always been under storm. Mueller reported to the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who had been critical of Trump and was reporting to Sessions. Rosenstein has been frequently critical of the President.



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