First Muslim women to be elected to Congress-Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

US mid-term elections have written history as first Muslim women have bagged their seats in the Congress. Rashida Tlaib-a Palestinian-American and Ilhan Omar- a Somali American got elected from the 13th Congresssional district and Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district respectively.

Tlaib was the sole major party candidate while Omar replaced Keith Ellison, the first Muslim in Congress. Ellison is learnt to have left his seat to run for attorney general of the state.

Tlaib who comes from Detroit was born to Palestinian parents. She had earlier also made history when she won a seat in Michigan Legislature in 2008. She had promised a minimum wage of $15, prevention of cut in welfare programmes like Medicare and Social Security in addition to stopping tax relief to large corporations.

Omar had arrived in US after she fled from the Civil war in Somalia when she was 14. Her campaign was also progressive as she also called for universal healthcare and colleges from tuition.

The verdict of the people to elect them stands juxtaposed to the widespread feelings of negativity against American-Muslims. A recent study conducted by New America Foundation and the American Muslim Institution had stated that about 2 in every 5 Americans thought that Muslim values were in contrast to the American ones. People were also of view that Muslims were not as patriotic as other citizens of American society.

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