Democrats take charge of House of Representatives, Republicans keep Senate

The efforts of Democrats to turn the tide against President Trump has finally borne fruit as the Democrats have successfully flipped the House of Representatives by winning a clear majority in the mid-term elections. This is a big win as it has come after two years of apparent Republican control of both the Houses of Congress.

Democrats have taken the lead after an epic surge in the entire mid-term season which was marked by violence and even hostile rhetoric. The win has empowered the Democrats to evaluate and investigate various policies, the tax-returns of Trump and other clash of interests. They will also have the power to question Trump policies in Saudi Arabia, Russia and North Korea.

They will also be entitled to force Trump to lower his ambitions and also destroy his election promise to build a border war with Mexico. They can also challenge passage of any other major tax-package or unreasonable trade policies. Nearly two-thirds voters had disapproved of Trump’s performance even during exit polls.

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