Rains lash Middle-East: Kuwait inundated

Heavy rains have lashed the Middle-east leaving Kuwait under floods while many other cities of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran are also affected. Schools across the region have been closed due to unforeseen circumstances.

The flooding has been caused by the thunderstorms with downdraught speed reaching around 90 kmph. A gust of 115km/hr was reported in the early hours of Kuwait City of Salmiyah. The recent downpour has been actually the tail end of a very active system of rains which spanned most of Syria and Iraq. Over 100mm of rain fell across 2 days in floodplains of both Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

The wet season is going to be continued over Middle East for next one week and rains are most likely to continue till the weekend in Kuwait, southern Iraq and eastern reaches of Saudi Arabia and western regions of Iran.

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