China maintains uneasy silence on disappearance of Interpol Chief

The Chinese administration has maintained an unexplained silence over the disappearance of the Chief of International Criminal Political Investigation or Interpol, Meng Hongwei during his trip to China.

It was on Friday that the news of Meng’s disappearance was declared publicly after the French government stated that it will open an investigation to find out the reasons behind the disappearance of Meng who was a Chinese and had served for a long term as in the public security as the vice minister.

South China Morning Post had reported that Meng had been taken by Chinese authorities for questioning the reason for which was not clear or known.

The disappearance of Meng was first reported by his wife who had informed the French police that she hadn’t had any communication with him since he had gone to China. He was last seen in Lyon, which is the homebase of Interpol. The Chinese silence on the issue makes it even more sensitive than what it apparently seems.

Meng has a huge experience in criminal justice and policing as shown on Interpol’s website. He has monitored many cases related to legal institutions, counterterrorism and even control of narcotics.

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