India and Russia ink missile deal despite US warnings

India has finally sealed a deal with Russia for the purchase of S-400 surface-to-air missiles despite the US warnings of sanctions as per the US law.

There has been no public signing ceremony and both President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed the deal during the on-going visit of Putin to India. Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman for Kremlin, has stated that the deal was inked on the sidelines of the summit. The deal is approximately worth $5 billion and will enable the Indian Army to bring down the aircrafts and other missiles at unimaginable ranges.

However, under the regulations of CAATSA or the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, any country which indulges in trade with Russia particularly in Defence and Intelligence sectors will come under automatic sanctions. Earlier in the week, a spokesman for the US State Department had stated that the sanctions will be particularly aimed at nations which acquire S-400 missiles from Russia.

US administration had last month, imposed sanctions against China for its purchase of S-400 missile system from Russia and also other combat fighters. India is however, under hope that US will grant waiver to India as the S-400 missiles are an essential deterrent against the growing military might of China.

Eight other agreements covering space, nuclear energy and railways were also inked between the two leaders.




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