Ethiopia: Ethnic violence claims 44 lives

Ethnic violence marked by rival ethnic outfits in western Ethiopia have left 44 people dead and forced around 70,000 people out of their homes. Security forces were called in to bring the situation under control as clashes on the border of Central Oromia and western Benishangul-Gumuz regions took ugly turn as youth armed with knives and rocks attacked each other.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who is the first Oroma leader of the country has brought diverse changes in the administration and undertook various economic and political reforms to bring peace to the disturbed nation. Ahmed had pledged to bring peace to the land which has seen severe ethnic violence in the last few decades.

58 people were killed in September this year when violence had erupted in the capital between different ethnicities and minorities. Although, PM Ahmed has received appreciation on world scale for his sincere efforts to bring peace to the nation, his rule has been marred by many sporadic yet severe incidents of violence.

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