Maldives: President mired in corruption charges

President Abdulla Yameen’s bank account has been credited with $1.5m in liquid cash few days ahead of the much-debated Presidential elections. President Yameen has long avoided the allegations of corruption and other abuses. He has also suffered a great setback in the September 23 elections where he was defeated in a crucial vote.

President Yameen is reported to have received the money in two separate instalments in a private bank account at Maldives Islamic Bank. The details of the above were released in a document from the Financial Intelligence Unit which operates under the Maldives Central Bank. The document was addressed to the acting Police Commissioner Abdulla Nawaz. Another letter by the agency stated that a secret transaction by a third party had deposited $648,508 and $810,635 in hard currency to the President’s account on September 5 and September 8 respectively.

The whole amount was later withdrawn. Bank stated that the money had come from private companies as donations from private companies for the Presidential elections 2018.

The transactions were in clear violation of the Maldives election laws as it mandates all the candidates to maintain separate accounts for campaign and also declare the names and identities of the donors. Candidates have to further declare the name and identity of every donation within 30 days of the election. Experts have suggested that the prime concern in the current transaction is the source of funds. The President’s spokesperson has denied all the allegations.

The main opposition candidate, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said he will get all the charges of corruption against the President investigated.

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