Indonesian Quake: Toll rises

Indonesian earthquake has left over 200,000 displaced and in need of critical help as many thousands still continue to emerge from other devastated areas. Many dozens of children were also killed after a mudslide triggered by the Indonesian quake-tsunami disaster struck their church. Indonesian Red Cross reported that bodies of 34 students were discovered buried in the mud while 86 others have been reported to be missing after they were attending a Bible camp in Sigi Biromaru district.

The clear extent of damage will be clearer after rescue teams reach the remote areas on Sulawesi island which has been completely cut off for over four days. The earthquake which ravished the island on Friday has killed over 844 people and the death toll is expected to rise further. The tsunami waves as high as 6 metres were triggered by the 7.5 magnitude earthquake. Land link to many areas was completely disrupted.

Humanitarian Director of Oxfam, Nigel Timmins, said “It’s not just a wall of water, it’s a wall full of debris: concrete, trees, cars- everything being churned like a giant cement mixer. It’s like a huge bulldozer that clears away the land and afterward you’re left with complete chaos”.

The ground situation in many cities is nightmarish as many of them have been completely devastated. Government is using all efforts to make evacuation from affected areas possible.

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