North Korean denuclearisation challenge

South Korean President has been very upbeat about denuclearisation of its neighbour after a successful three-day Summit with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.  President Moon said that North Korea is seeking another high-level summit between Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump to discuss the process of denuclearisation.

North Korean regime will not undergo unilateral denuclearisation as demanded by US and will also seek concrete concessions as and when its proceeds. North Korea will surely be looking at complete waiver from the biting economic sanctions. Another plausible condition to denuclearisation could be an end to Joint Military exercises between US and South Korea in addition to withdrawal of 28,500 US troops from South Korea which are permanently based there. An official declaration of ending of the Korean War is another pressing demand.

North Korea did not showcase its highly advanced ballistic missiles on its 70th Anniversary as a nation as a major concession to US. It also returned the war remains of the US soldiers who had fallen during the Korean War.

Despite the moves, US Intelligence report in late August, suggested that it had not seen any concrete steps from North Korean regime towards denuclearisation.  Trump administration is pushing for a CVID i.e. complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation from North Korea on a unilateral basis. But, North Korea is looking at a scenario where both sides undertake series of simultaneous steps for achieving the goal of denuclearisation on the Korean Peninsula.

Looking at the slow pace of jerky progress, the path to  denuclearisation is not as easy as it seems.


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