Moon Jae-in: North Korea wants another Kim-Trump Summit

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has stated that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has expressed his request for holding a second summit with President Donald Trump. Kim has also said that he wants Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State to visit Pyongyang soon.

President Moon Jae-in made the comments on his return from Pyongyang after a three-day summit. Moon also said that Kim also wants to speeden the process of denuclearisation. Both the Koreas also expressed their wish to obtain an official declaration which will end the Korean War by end of the year. Moon said, “Pyongyang  joint declaration did not include any of those specific measures of North Korea and the corresponding actions of the US. We discussed some of it, but we did not have it written down so I cannot reveal any of the discussed items with you here”.

It is evident that despite the reservations expressed by President Moon Jae-in to state what are the measures which North Korea seeks in return from US, that North Korea will not go about denuclearisation unilaterally and without any conditions. North Korea will definitely seek some concessions from US in return.

In his last Summit with President Trump in June at Singapore, Kim had committed that North Korea will work towards denuclearisation although no time frame or the process was decided. There was no talks after that and the whole process had reached a complete deadlock until North Korea dismantled a nuclear test site.

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