Syrian media reported Israel fired missiles at Damascus airport

Syrian State media has reported that Israel has fired missiles at the Damascus International airport last night. The Sana news agency had reported that the Syrian regime forces had confronted a missile attack from Israel and the air defence systems had managed to intercept many of them and shoot them down.

The news reported that a loud blast was heard in Damascus late in the night which was followed by many small explosions. There were no comments from the Israeli military who just stated that it will use armed action if need arises to prevent transfer of weapons. Earlier in September, Israeli forces had said that they had struck over 200 targets in Syria with focus on Iranian weapons and other targets.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had earlier stated in August, “Israel will take strong and determined action against Iran’s attempts to station forces and advanced weapons systems in Syria”. The statement had come after both Iran and Syria had signed a military cooperation agreement.

Iran has been a staunch supporter of President Assad in his eight-year old battle against the rebels.


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