Turkey warns Europe of more refugees

Turkey has warned European nations that any escalation of violence in Syrian Idlib province will lead to mass migration and thus trigger a critical refugee crisis from Turkey to Europe. Ibrahim Kalin, the spokesperson for Turkish President said after a preliminary meeting with delegates from France, Russia and Germany that all are looking for a political solution to the issue instead of using force. The representatives met before a four-party summit on Syria.

Kalin also stated that all sides reached a consensus that a full-blown offensive in Idlib will lead to a huge humanitarian crisis and a massive surge in refugees. Turkish government is pressing hard to maintain status quo in Idlib and protect its civilians and thereby avert a major humanitarian crisis in Idlib.

Kalin also reiterated the importance of upcoming visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to Russian city of Sochi in light of developments in Syria. The Syrian regime backed by Russian forces started their offensive in Idlib in first week September. So far, 30 people have been killed and many others have been displaced out of fear. Assad government has announced plans of launching a major military offensive in Idlib to regain control of the area from many armed opposition groups.

UN has also said that a major offensive in Syria will lead to a major humanitarian catastrophe of 21st century. People of Idlib have taken to streets in thousands to protest against a government offensive. Demonstrations took place in over two dozen towns and villages.


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