Florence strikes North Carolina, Kills 4

Hurricance Florence which was later downgraded to a tropical storm, continues to rip apart the East Coast as it made landfall around 7:15 local time as stated by the National Hurricane Centre. It was around 4:50pm when the authorities downgraded it to a tropical storm. Florence is not seen as a regular hurricane which normally lose their power on landfall and is expected to prolong for at least next 48 hours.

The swirling monster winds overseas is fuelling power to the storm and letting it shed its power. Winds are bending the trees and is expected to cause catastrophic floods in along the East Coast in both North and South Carolina.

The top wind speed fell down to 110kph with its centre about 75kms west-southwest of Wilmington in North Carolina about 45kms from the Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

Florence as per the forecasts will not subside for next 48 hours and continue to bring more doom to North and South Carolina. Authorities are engaged in evacuations of people from the flood-prone areas. Coastal towns have been evacuated with schools and all businesses asked to be shut.

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