UN: Libya Mission renewed, vote delayed

United Nations Security Council has stated that conditions in Libya are not conducive for a nation-wide election and thus the world body has stretched its mandate of its mission in Libya over 1 more year. The UNSMIL mission will thus be present in Libya till 15 September 2019.

The members did not agree to the date for elections to be December 10 as it was decided in Paris four months ago. Italy and the UN-supported government in Libya had cast doubts over the dates of the elections amid a recent internal conflict and security situation. France, however, pressed for the elections to be held in December.

Finally, the British resolution was unanimously adopted by the UNSC which stated, “as soon as possible, provided the necessary security, technical, legislative and political conditions are in place”.

The top four leaders of Libya had agreed to the France’s proposal to conduct the polls in December to restore peace and stability in the region. Italy has however always upheld the stance that the nation is not ready for elections.

Libyan Prime Minister, Fayez Serraj also stated that the security situation in the country was not ripe for elections to be conducted. The comments were also repeated by the Italian Foreign Minister who constantly suggested that the dates for the elections should be revised.

France finally stated that it stands completely convinced by the dire need of a political solution as decided in Paris Agreements.

Italy enjoys warm ties with Libyan authorities while France has closer links with Khalifa  Haftar, the military commander who owes his allegiance to the rival government based in East.

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