Philippines braces for Super Typhoon Mangkhut

Super Typhoon Mangkhut is roaring across the Pacific Ocean as it moves towards Philippines, leading to mass evacuations as people are asked to leave before the latter makes landfall accompanied with heavy rains and high speed winds before proceeding towards China.

Philippine authorities have stated that the storm will affect around 10 million people who lie in its direct path. The number does not include the millions in China who stay in the densely populated areas along the coasts.

The weather department of the country has issued a warning that the surge of storm caused due to strong winds can reach a height upto six metres i.e. a two-storey building and thus making it highly dangerous. Super typhoon Mangkhut is said to be the strongest in the year so far. It is also known as Typhoon Ompong in Philippines. People have started to evacuate the island of Luzon, which lies in the northern tip where the storm will hit early Saturday. The authorities will also carry out forced evacuations in many areas. Authorities are preparing for massive floods, landslides and even damage caused by wind.

Mangkhut is the fifteenth storm to hit the country in 2018 so far. Philippines usually gets hit by 20 storms a year on an average and is also called the most disaster-prone area. Mangkhut is the Thai word for mangosteen fruit.

Mangkhut is expected to increase the intensity of the monsoon rains which have already flooded many areas in northern Luzon which is chiefly a farming region. Red Crescent and International Red Cross are expecting considerable damage to the area including heavy rains and landslides.

President Duterte has stated that he will ask for assistance from the international community is there is massive damage caused.






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