Boston: Suburbs rocked by dozens of gas blasts

The suburbs of Boston were rocked by dozens of gas blasts caused by a rupture of natural gas pipeline killing one person and injuring 12 others. The incident led to largescale evacuations from the area which has demolished many buildings, houses as the fire engulfed the whole area in flames.

50 departments had to send their firefighters who swiftly tried to put off the fire by racing between each successive explosion.

Police urged people to evacuate the area as soon as possible.

The prime cause as gauged by the firefighters is the excessive pressure in the gas main of Columbia Gas of Massachussets. The increase in pressure led to series of explosions and even fires.

The Columbia Gas is an offshoot of the NiSource giant which had made an announcement a day before that it plans to upgrade the gas pipelines in nearby areas including the one in which explosions took place.

The company is investigating the matter.



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