Israeli troops destroy Palestinian protest near Khan al-Ahwar

In an early morning raid, Israeli troops have torn down protest camps set up by Palestinian activists, near Khan al-Ahmar. The protest was against the demolition of Bedouin village in the West Bank. The Border Police of Israel, dismantled the whole protest camp before dawn. Israel wants to dismantle the whole Bedouin village of 200 people and relocate them elsewhere. The move has been deeply denounced by the international community and severely condemned by Palestinians.

The operation led to panic among Palestinians and gave way to fears that the demolition will happen soon but the Israeli troops left the area after the camp was dismantled.

The Bedouin village enjoys a strategic location near the Israeli settlements on way which leads to Dead Sea. A statement by the Defence Ministry stated that the five caravans which have been demolished were illegally raised by the representatives of Palestinian Authority against the decision of High Court of Justice of Israel and also stands opposed to the Israeli law in Area C.

Israel enjoys complete sovereignty and military authority over 61 percent of the occupied West Bank. The top court of Israel had rejected calls and petitions challenging the demolition orders of Khan al-Ahmar as per the plea of Israel that it was raised without proper permits. Palestinians and residents of the village state that the desired permits are impossible to obtain. Britain, France, Germany and Spain have urged Israel not to go ahead with the demolition as it will lead to dire consequences for the villagers and hurt the prospects of a possible two-state solution.











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