Brazil: Former President Lula withdraws candidacy from general election

Highly popular yet jailed ex-President of Brazil has surprisingly withdrawn his candidacy from the general election next month. Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva, has been convicted of corruption charges is legally barred from contesting.

Lula withdrew his candidature as the nominee of leftist Workers Party. Fernando Haddad has been named as the replacement candidate instead by the PT. The Leftist Party made the announcement in Curitiba, outside the prison of Lula just in time designated to name a substitute candidate. Latter deadline was announced by the electoral court as it had asked the party to replace Lula as per the “Clean Slate” law under which anyone convicted of serious offences will be forbidden from running from office before till eight years from the date of conviction.

Lula has filed an appeal to the top court of the country to  overturn the decision given by the electoral court. Lula can contest only under the condition if the verdict of electoral court is reversed by the Supreme Court of the country.

The electoral court will review all the nominations and other cases pertaining to the election on September 17. Experts believe that the chances of lifting the ban on Lula are remote as the top court will have to take a radical break from the decisions of all the lower courts to do so.

Lula has served as the President of Brazil for two terms and was a highly popular leader with approval ratings close to 90 percent when he left office. It was in 2017 when his image as a working class hero received a great setback as he was found guilty of corruption and was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment. Lula has been contesting the charges and conviction saying the whole move has been politically motivated. Lula, despite the conviction continues to enjoy similar approval ratings.




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