Turkey and UN warn of looming humanitarian disaster in Idlib

Idlib in Syria is under siege with over 30000 people already displaced from their homes. United Nations has urged caution on all sides as any escalation may lead to the worst humanitarian crisis of the century. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has thus appealed to the international community to step up its efforts to prevent a full-blown government offensive in the area.

Erdogan warned that an attack on the densely populated province will have direct repercussions for Turkey and Europe at large as it will lead to mass migration. He stated that the whole world will have to pay a price for the same. He said that both Russia and Iran being major allies of Syrian regime share a responsibility of averting the catastrophe.

Syrian regime has started bombardment in densely populated regions of the province in his race to wrestle it back from the rebel-control as it will mark a decisive victory. OCHA or the UN’s International Humanitarian Coordination Agency has cautioned the world and expressed deep concern about the recent rise in air strikes and stated that they are monitoring the whole situation very closely.

The recent summit at Tehran between the three powers had resulted in gross disagreement on the question of Idlib. Russia and Iran have vowed to completely wipe out the so-called terrorists from the province while Turkey was in favour of disarming them peacefully. The call for ceasefire by Erdogan was rejected by Russia and Iran last week.

UN has stated that the offensive can lead to displacement of around 800,000 people.

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