Putin-Xi meet as Moscow kicks off Vostok-2018

Russia has triggered off the major war games with participation of hundreds of thousands of Russian troops along with Chinese soldiers. The military drills are seen as the largest exercise undertaken by Russia. On the sidelines of Eastern Economic Forum which is being held at Vladivostok, President Putin also met his Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping.

Putin reiterated the trust in the mutual relation shared by both the nations in light of politics, security and defence while President Xi stated that both remain committed to a lasting relationship and taking the same to new heights.

Leaders from Russia, China, South Korea and Japan are meeting in Vladivostok for a three-day summit. The timing of the same is critical as it coincides with heightened tensions between US and China over trade war and US sanctions on Russia for its annexation of Crimea. Furthemore, Russia is acting as the Central figure in the Syrian offensive on Idlib which has come under international out-cry as it will lead to a huge humanitarian crisis.

Vostok 2018, military drills have a loud message for West especially with participation of Chinese troops. Apart from a rich experience of working together it shows the world that Russia and China can fight work in coordination and integrate the systems of weapons successfully and in tandem.

Vostok 2018 has participation of around 300,000 Russian troops, 80 warships,  36000 tanks and upto 1000 aircrafts. The whole drill has been condemned by NATO as preparation for a large-scale conflict.






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