Egypt: 75 sentenced to death over 2013 Rabaa protests

75 people have been awarded death sentence in Egypt, over the 2013 protests in Cairo which had ended with killing of many protestors. Some of the significant names who have been sentenced include Senior Brotherhood leaders Mohamed Beltagi and Essam el-Erian, both awarded a death sentence while Mohamed Badie being given a life sentence in prison.

Photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zeid, popularly known as Shawkan has been given a sentence of 5 years but will be able to walk free as he was arrested in 2013 and has already served his sentence time. The people who have been awarded a death sentence are the ones who were involved in incitement of violence and organisation of unlawful protests.

It was in August 2013, when governmental forces had closed in on the huge sit-in protest at Rabaa al-Adawiya Square, Cairo. The crackdown which involved huge number of security forces, bulldozers and even armoured vehicles had killed around 800 people within hours. As per Human Rights Watch, the protest spanned 45 days and involved around 85000 people. It grew more organised and huger with time. It was in favour of the first elected President of Egypt and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi. Morsi was overthrown by military after a few days.




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