Kim Jong Un: Want to denuclearise in first term of President Trump

North Korean leader has again raised hope of normalcy on the Korean peninsula by stating that he will want to take up denuclearisation during the first term of President Trump. The comment came as the North Korean leader agreed to hold a Summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in Pyongyang this September.

The bilateral Summit will take place on September 18-20 and is expected to chalk out practical measures and steps towards denuclearisation. South Korean National Security Advisor, Chung Eui-yong stated after a meeting with Kim Jong Un that latter has expressed his faith in President Trump remains unshaken and that he wants to denuclearise and thus put an end to all hostilities between North Korea and United States before 2021, i.e. the tenure of first term of President Trump.

The statement by Kim as told by Chung Eui-yong holds tremendous geopolitical significance as it the first time the North Korean leader has given a proposed time-frame for dismantling the nukes and put a halt to the entire program.

Kim also expressed his readiness to closely cooperate with South Korea and US on the issues and also was unhappy with the way international community was doubting his resolve. South Korea had sent a few envoys to North Korea to work out the details of the upcoming Inter-Korean Summit and break the deadlock between Pyongyang and Washington over the denuclearisation talks. The June Summit between Kim and Trump was a watershed event in the history of relations between the two nations and the two agreed to establish relations from a new end and work towards lasting peace regime. The talks between the two sides, however, came to an abrupt stop as there were differences over the implementation of the Singapore agreement.

During his meeting with South Korean National Security Advisor, Chung, Kim had stressed that the preliminary steps towards denuclearisation had already been taken by North Korea as it has destroyed its nuclear test site which is underground and another facility of missile engine. The steps, Kim reiterated show a firm resolve of North Korea to move ahead with its aim of denuclearisation as it has demonstrated that it has ended nuclear and long-range missile testing forever. North Korea now expects some reciprocated steps in response to the above measures so that his regime can push ahead for more significant steps towards denuclearisation.

US, on its part has stated that the cancellation of war games with South Korea are a bold initiative taken by Trump administration in reciprocation to North  Korean goodwill gestures.


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