Syrian government attacks Idlib, civilians dead

First air strikes have come to hit the Syrian town of Idlib, the last rebel stronghold killing civilians and leading to fears that Syrian regime will soon begin a full-blown government offensive against the town. United Nations has asked Russia and Turkey to avoid a bloodbath.

An all out offensive by the Syrian regime will be completely devastating as the area is home to nearly 3 million people which also include the rebels and their families which were living in other parts of Syria and were forced to leave and pushed to Idlib while government took back charge.

Syrian and Russian warplanes conducted 24 raids the first seen in weeks. The main focus of the bombing which continued for many hours was the city of Jisr al-Shughour which lies on the western side of Idlib.

As per the White Helmets, atleast 10 civilians were killed in the attack and 20 others wounded. Among those dead were all members of one family aged between 5 and 11. The raids had targeted civilian homes. Medical help reached the area after a lot of difficulties as the raids had also bombed and destroyed the main connecting roads. The attacks have given way to deep panic among the residents who are now scared to sleep in the houses. The strikes have forced many scores to move towards Aleppo or Turkey. Latter has, however, already sealed its border with Syria.

President Assad had vowed to recapture every part of Syria from the rebels and has made huge gains ever since the Russian government has rendered its air support to Syrian forces. For weeks, Syrian forces are gathering around Idlib to prepare for the final attack on the last stronghold of rebels. Turkey who has its forces around Idlib, urged the Syrian regime diplomatically to avoid an attack on Idlib. Turkey, Russia and Iran will soon hold a summit in Tehran to discuss the situation in Syria.

UN envoy has also urged the parties to work out a solution and avoid a major humanitarian crisis. UN had earlier warned that an assault on Idlib will lead to a major human catastrophe.


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