Spain pulls brakes on major missile deal with Saudi Arabia

Spain has halted a major missile deal with Saudi Arabia involving sale of hundreds of missiles. The defence ministry of Spain has confirmed the news saying the process to cancel the arms contract for 400 laser-led missiles between two countries in 2015 has been initiated. Spain will return the $10m which has already been paid for the same. No other details were furnished.

The Ministry of Defence in Spain had already stated last month that it had made no sale of arms to be used against a civilian population and had condemned the attack on civilians in Yemen. Human Rights groups had strongly condemned the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia by Western powers. The war in Yemen had killed nearly 10000 people and also pushed another 8.4 million to face famine. Amnesty International had reported that Spain was the fourth largest supplier of arms to Saudi Arabia after US, Britain and France.

Saudi Arabia and US had struck a deal in 2017 for the sale of precision-guided munitions worth $7billion.

Spanish decision has set a precedent and also put humongous pressure on Saudi Arabia and other European governments who are involved in supplying arms for the inhuman bombardment and slaughter of common people. Saudi Arabia is leading a military coalition against the Houthi rebels in Yemen since 2015. The Human Rights groups have stated that both sides have committed war crimes. Saudi-led alliance has faced lot of international criticism and calls for limiting its air raids which also claimed lives of 40 children and 51 civilians when a missile hit a school bus.

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