Japan hit by strongest typhoon in decades, 10 killed

A highly powerful typhoon made landfall in western part of Japan, killing 10 people and leaving millions of homes without power. Typhoon Jebi which means “swallow” was initially a super typhoon  followed heavy rains, floods, landslides and extreme heat which had already killed many people in summer.

About 3000 tourists were stranded at the Kansai airport in western part of Japan which is considered as a vital hub for semiconductor exports. The airport authorities later began shifting passengers to a nearby Kobe airport either by high-speed boats or buses. The typhoon has injured 300 people. Vital trains and roads are closed in the affected area.

JXTG Nippon Oil and Energy Corp. of Japan had to shut one of its refining units, the Sakai Refinery, after typhoon damaged one of the cooling tower. The refinery had a capacity of 135,000 barrels per day.

Kansai region is home to many chip companies. Toshiba Memory, which is the second largest manufacturer of flash memory chips is closely watching the situation and if the Kansai airport remains shut will have to ship products from other airports.


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