Libya: State of Emergency declared in Tripoli

United Nations backed government in Libya has declared a State of Emergency in its capital city of Tripoli and surrounding areas after many days of fighting between opposite factions. The violence has taken lives of 39 people and left 100 wounded.

A statement by the Government of National Accord, stated, “Due to the danger of the current situation and for the sake of the public interest, the presidential council declares a state of emergency…to protect and secure civilians, public and private possessions and vital institutions”.

Many civilians have lost their lives in the past week since the fighting began as many rockets fell into densely populated areas. People are also blaming the government for their indifference and not taking sufficient steps to put an end to the growing conflict.

Unrest in the country can be traced back to 2011 rebellion which had toppled the long time ruler Muammar Gaddafi. Post Gaddafi, Libya is ruled by two opposite factions which are having the support of powerful groups. One is the GNA in Tripoli i.e. the official government of Libya which is backed by UN and the House of Representatives in the eastern part of the nation which has the backing of General Khalifa Haftar.

The recent fighting between the rival groups occurred to gain administrative power in the western part of the country. The Kaniyat or the Seventh Brigade were pitted against the Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigaden and the Nawasi. The reports of the affluence and power of some commanders in Tripoli had aroused unease among the those from outside the capital.

UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres and Britain, France, US and Italy have condemned the violence as detrimental to political progress in the country and can have an effect on the December elections.

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