Japan braces for Typhoon Jebi

Japanese island of Honshu will soon be hit with the strongest tropical typhoon so far with winds blowing at a speed of 252kmph, accompanied with high waves, landslides and even widespread flooding.

Jebi will make landfall on Honshu early next week as per the Japan’s Meterological Agency. It is predicted the path of Jebi will also cover western Chugoku region, which had experienced record rainfall in July leading to massive flooding and landslides thus killing 220 people. It was recorded as the worst weather-related disaster of the country in decades.

It is stated that Jebi which is presently in the Pacific Ocean and is gradually weakening will be the strongest tropical storm to hit the nation. The forecasts suggest that the windspeed at the time of landfall will be around 170kmph and gusts closer to 200kmph.

27000 people from Nagato have been asked to evacuate their homes and warnings have been issued in Kyushu and Honshu islands where people have been asked to brace up for landslides, high seas and floods. This is known as the typhoon season in the country and it usually witnesses multiple major storms between summer and autumn.

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