Deadly bomb attack in Mogadishu, Somalia

A deadly suicide bomb attack on a local government building in Somalian capital, Mogadishu resulted in killing of six people and wounded many others. The bomb was so strong that it led to collapse of a nearby school building resulting in plumes of smoke. Three people who lost their lives belonged to the security forces who had tried to stop the bomber from rushing through a checkpoint.

It was soon after the bomber detonated a vehicle-laden with explosives near the gates of district headquarters, Hawlwadag. Other three who lost their lives were civilians. The ambulance service of the city has said that 14 people which included six children were highly critical and also the Deputy District Commissioner Ibrahim Hassan Matan.

Majority of children were wounded from a secondary school nearby. The blast also blew up the roof of a mosque in the vicinity and also damaged many houses.

Al-Shabad, has claimed the responsibility of the attack which is said to have brought an abrupt end to the period of calm in the capital. The group is said to be linked to Al-Qaeda and is fighting to overthrow the ruling government which is backed by UN.

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