US: India may face sanctions if it doesn’t scrap S-400 missiles-deal with Russia

US administration has clarified the fact that it will not give India any waiver if it continues with its purchase of S-400 missiles from Russia. Senior Asia official of Pentagon, Randall Shriver, has stated that US will have significant concerns if India continues with purchase of any major platforms or systems from Russia. US sanctions on Russia for its annexation of Crimea lay out that any nation which engages in defence or sharing of intelligence with Russia will be subject to sanctions, unless exempted by President Trump as per new US Defence Bill.

Shriver also pointed to the fact that US Defence Secretary is in strong favour of giving an insulation to India and also President’s jurisdiction to grant waives does not mean it will always be granted.

India and Russia are in penultimate phase of acquisition of S-400 missiles from Russia. The purchase will be a vital deal for Indian Defence. India has already brought submarines, combat planes and ships from Russia. US has raised concerns about the latest purchase and is also willing to suggest alternatives to India to the Russian S-400 missiles.

Many other countries other than India have defence dealing with Russia including China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and also Qatar. S-400 missiles are one of the best missiles in the world with a range of 400 km.

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