Australia: Drought conditions to intensify in East Coast

Australian East Coast is likely to face intense dry weather for next three months thus further intensifying the drought conditions which has already damaged crops widely. The Bureau of Meteorology has stated that there are bleak chances of only 30 percent that rainfall will be above average during the spring season which usually spans September to November.

The sustainability has already become hard for the farmers and any further dip in environmental conditions will have a hard blow on the agriculture. Farmers will be pushed to slaughter of livestock to cope with food and water shortages. The Meteorological Bureau has also warned that the chances of drought to extend to western part of the country cannot be ruled out. The warning has raised new concerns for the Food Manufacturers in Australia. Latter from the east coast have started to procure grain from the Western part of the country where the farmers are encouraged to sell the excess supplies. Experts have stated the wheat production will touch a decadal low in the world’s fourth largest exporter, however it is expected that the production in the west will make up for the decline in east.

Experts have also warned that the nation stands a 50 percent chance of experiencing an El Nino event which can subject it to further warmer and dry conditions extended into 2019.

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