Russia: Afghanistan Peace Conference postponed

The government of Russia has postponed the Afghanistan Peace Conference which was scheduled to be held next month at Moscow. 12 countries had been invited for the Conference out of which both US and Afghanistan had refused. Taliban had agreed to attend the same.

President Ghani has reportedly spoken to the Russian Foreign Minister and asked him to ensure that all talks with Taliban are held in presence of Afghanistan. Russian Foreign Ministry had issued a statement saying, “The President of IRA-Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, supporting in principle the idea of Moscow meeting, proposed postponing it due to the need to develop Afghanistan’s consolidated position on this issue, taking into account the ongoing personnel changes in the leadership of the Afghan ruling bloc”.

Lavrov had assured Ghani the dates will be changed to make sure Afghanistan is present. President Ghani in an official statement praised Russia for leading the peace process. The statement read, “ In the telephonic conversation, it was decided to postpone the Moscow Conference  so that the two countries can coordinate on further preparations and effectiveness of the process”.

Moscow had earlier rejected an allegation by NATO’s top military leader in Afghanistan that Russia is supplying arms to Taliban. Latter are against Western-presence in Afghanistan and also want to defeat the western-backed government.


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