Zimbabwe: Chamisa rejects Court’s verdict on election results

Zimbabwe’s main leader of opposition, Nelson Chamisa has discarded the ruling of the top court of the country which over-ruled his challenge to the election results in which Mnangagwa was declared as the victory. Chief Justice Luke Malaba,  upheld Mnangagwa’s win in the elections citing that the opposition was not able to provide any evidence in support of their claim about election frauds conducted by Mnangagwa. The verdict stated that Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is declared the winner of the presidential elections 2018.

President Mnangagwa expressed no surprise at the verdict and gave a call for unity and peace. Movement for Democratic Change alliance, the opposition group led by Chamisa had filed the legal challenge stating there had been huge fraud and theft during the elections. Chamisa addressed his supporters on Twitter and wrote, “I hear your cries and feel your pain. I know you feel cheated, but take heart-your victory is not lost. Your will is sacred & we’ll listen to you on the path of peace and course of action to be taken to rescue our beautiful Zimbabwe from the jaws of poverty, corruption and dishonesty”.

Chamisa’s challenge to the elections included many glaring faults like wrong vote counting and fake polling stations, false polling stations and also cited instances wherein some polling stations the number of ballots cast exceeded the number of registered voters. MDC has been claiming that there has been a huge fabrication of evidence.

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