Scott Morrison chosen as new PM by Australia’s ruling party

Scott Morrison is all set to become the next Prime Minister of Australia after ruling party has dumped the sitting PM Malcolm Turnbull before he could complete his full three-year term. Scott has won the battle after defeating the closest challenger Peter Dutton by a 45-40 vote. Supporters of Dutton also asked Turnbull to contest but he refused and later stated that he wanted to quit politics.

Turnbull also expressed his intention of leaving the parliament- a resignation which can lead to by-elections and cost very dearly to the government. On the contrary, Morrison could also call for general elections. Turnbull expressed disbelief at the way Dutton’s supporters brought down his leadership after a fierce campaign, thus making him the fourth prime minister to be removed from office by the ruling party.

Scott Morrison has thus become the 30th Prime Minster of Australia after he won the vote after a continuous infighting in the party. Turnbull asked for the names of the legislators in his party who stood against him before he would allow the party to choose a new Prime Minister at a Parliament meet. A total of 43 signatures were given which also included from more than one supporter of Turnbull who had put his signatures to solve the impasse.

Both the camps have gravely hurt the credibility of the Liberal party and shaken public confidence as it was the most intense leadership struggle seen in recent years. The announcement made the public angry who had taken to streets and broke windows of Dutton’s Brisbane office.

Turnbull had come to power in 2015.

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