Mike Pompeo names Steve Biegun as new US Special Envoy to North Korea

US Secretary of State , Mike Pompeo has named Steve Biegun a known Republican foreign policy expert as the new US Special Envoy to North Korea. Pompeo is scheduled to visit North Korea to push it to give up its nuclear weapons along with Steve who he said will henceforth lead US policy towards North Korea and establish the goal of verified and complete denuclearisation of North Korea.

Pompeo will be travelling to North Korea for the fourth time with the aim of persuading the Korean regime to abandon its nuclear weapons and go in for complete denuclearisation as promised by its leader Kim in his Summit with President Trump at Singapore in June. The US State Department, clarified, that Pompeo will not be meeting Kim during the visit.

Steve Biegun, took charge and stated that it is a tough task at hand but President Trump has created a channel for talks which must be fully used to make the vision for a nuclear-free Korean peninsula a reality and thus give way to lasting peace and development.

Biegun, has served as a senior staffer for former Condoleezza Rice when she was the National Security adviser for George W. Bush and also worked as the Vice President of International governmental affairs for Ford.

President Trump has always been upbeat about his Singapore Summit with Kim although not much progress was achieved apart from the hype and fanfare. President Trump had also stated that the nuclear threat from North Korea is over although latter gave no signs and timeline of denuclearisation.

The negotiations which have followed have made little progress as there is no common ground reached between the two sides on the primary issue of denuclearisation. North Korea is pressing for easing of international sanctions before denuclearisation takes effect. The members of the US negotiating team have also seen no indication about the willingness of North Korea to take the talks further unless the sanctions are removed. Many international experts have termed the visit as premature which carries little scope for any headway or success on the main issues.



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