Hungary refuses food to rejected asylum-seekers

Hungarian government has stopped distribution of food for the rejected asylum seekers in the transit zones along its border with Serbia. Human Rights Watch HRW has urged the authorities to honour their legal obligations and provide food to the asylum seekers in suitable quantities.

There are two transit centres along the Serbian border in which the asylum-seekers are kept and not allowed to leave till their application is being processed. Hungarian authorities have crossed all limits of inhumanity by not giving food to people who are under their custody. The move is aimed to push the migrants to give up on their asylum applications and leave the country.

As per the reported accounts, two families from Afghanistan and 2 Syrian brothers were refused food after their application for asylum were rejected. In another incident, a breastfeeding woman and her children were provided food on the condition that they will not share the same with other members of the family.

The European Court of Human Rights had also instructed Hungary to continue the distribution of food for the two Afghan families in question. Although the authorities honoured the instructions for the Afghan families, other asylum-seekers face severe deprivation of food. In a response, the Immigration and Asylum Office had stated as per Hungary law, the authorities are under no obligation to give food to people in transit zones.

HRW, however, stated that the Hungarian government is obligated under numerous human rights treaties to not to give inhuman treatment to people in custody which includes giving food, water, medical facilities and maintenance of hygiene.

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