Afghanistan: Refused to attend peace talks led by Russia

Afghanistan government has rejected the proposal of peace talks with Taliban which are led by Russia. The Afghanistan government has told the media, “the peace process definitely needs to be carried out under the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. We will not participate in the Moscow talks”.

Aghanistan government has thus decided not to attend the Moscow conference and will hold direct talks with the Taliban. It will not accept presence or involvement of any foreign powers. The comments have come after Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov had stated that Taliban had agreed to take part in the September talks at Moscow. Russia had extended invitation to 12 nations including US. Latter had declined the same.

Taliban had rejected a call for ceasefire for three months by the government and had said the insurgents will continue with their war. Russia had also negated the claims that Russia will use Taliban for its fight against the ISIL.

Mohammad Hanif Atmar, has stated that Afghanistan welcomes the Russian support for the peace process and had appealed Russia to continue  to create further pressure on the Taliban to push the to negotiate.


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