US: Turkey should free pastor to end Lira crisis

US National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has stated that the Turkish Lira crisis can come to an abrupt end if Turkey frees the US pastor, Andrew Brunson. Any infusion of cash by its regional allies like Qatar will not help it tide over the current crisis.

US has alleged that Turkey has illegally detained an American pastor on charges of terrorism and conspiring the 2016 coup. US had asked Turkey to free Brunson, a proposal which was rejected by Turkey and led to increase in metal tariffs by US. Latter had a hard blow on the already unstable currency which experienced a drastic fall.

Brunson has been living in Turkey for over 20 years and has denied all charges of wrongdoing. He is currently under house arrest. Turkish Lira has fell over 45 percent in the last one year.

Bolton said that the Qatari assistance will not be able to have any significant impact on the Turkish economy which has been pushed to this condition by wrong policy decisions of the administration. The ill-effects of mistaken decisions have been multiplied by the current dispute of Ankara with US.

A court in Turkey had rejected Brunson’s appeal for release.

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